Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

Altitude’s investment criteria is transparent and focused upon investing between £1m-£4m

Investment Criteria

Altitude looks to invest in great management teams who have both the vision and drive to succeed. They have a proven business model, that is cash positive and usually profitable, or in a contracted position that will ensure it is profitable soon.

Altitude’s investment partners will have the following characteristics:

  1. Clear Vision

    A management team with a belief in a clear vision of how to grow their business but who value open discussion and would like additional experience and funding to develop their plans.

  2. Established Business

    An established business model in a market with clear growth opportunities.

  3. Sales £2-£10m

    Typically a business with sales of between £2m to £10m.

  4. Forecast Profit

    A business with an existing positive profit profile that is already cash generative or soon-to-be so against contracted projects.


A business where ambition, drive and energy is evident in the leadership team, and indeed throughout the business.

Altitude Investment

Altitude will usually invest between £1m and £4m from our own managed funds, although we can access additional funds if required.

We prefer to be significant but minority equity partners, leaving the majority ownership in the hands of the management team running the company.

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