Investment Process

Investment Process

The Altitude investment process is formulated to limit the pressure on business owners whilst focusing upon delivering a successful transaction

Delivering a successful transaction

Involving additional shareholder partners is a very personal move for the majority of business owners. It is both emotional and complex so with partners who have been through this hundreds of times we have a formula that works to limit the pressure in order to deliver a successful transaction.

  1. Step 1: Meeting to talk

    After our initial conversation and a discussion about the suitability of your business plan for our approach, we will usually meet to assess whether we can help.

    This is a good chance for us all to see how we get on. If we don’t think we are the right investor for you, we can usually advise you on the best alternatives.

  2. Step 2: Shaping the deal

    If we think we can back you and your team, and you like what we offer, we work together to shape a deal structure which suits all of us.

    We work towards a heads of agreement with the current vendors or on the basis of a development capital investment. During this period we’ll spend plenty of time with the business, getting to understand the people behind it, the market, and the growth plan.

    All of this information will be put into our investment paper and discussed in detail with our advisory panel.

  3. Step 3: The Legals and Due Diligence

    We appoint an accounting firm to do some limited financial diligence on a confirmatory basis and then progress with legal documents through to completion.

    We have standardised documentation but will both need lawyers to ensure everyone is happy that the terms of the transaction are correctly reflected.

  4. Step 4: Getting to work

    During the investment process we will spend time discussing the detail of what the funding will enable you to do.

    Once completed, we will support your strategy development where needed, attend board meetings and help you to fill any gaps identified in the management structure. Evaluating customers, services, products and peers is all part of this process.

    Ultimately, we are always on hand for an objective view on the ups, downs and unexpected events involved in running a business.

    Growing a business is not always easy but it’s easier with the right support around you.


Typically an investment process takes 6- 12 weeks from start to finish, although they have been done quicker under exceptional circumstances.

The key difference in our process is that the people who make the decision and transfer the money are the ones that you work with from the start. There is no faceless committee you don’t meet, who can change the terms of, or veto, a transaction. The process is straightforward and transparent, allowing us to get crack on supporting the growth of your business as soon as possible.

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