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The information in the ‘Investor’ section is only directed at persons who can be classified as professional clients or eligible counterparties for the purposes of the FCA regulations. Qualifying investors will generally only be UK residents and investors from other jurisdictions are unlikely to be eligible.

For qualifying individuals Altitude provides a managed service for those who want to invest directly into growing trading businesses where there is a clear focus on creating capital gains.

Altitude makes investment into companies with a target investment period of between 3-5 years.

Investor Information

Altitude provides a managed service for individuals who want to invest directly into growing trading businesses where there is a clear focus on creating capital gains.

Successful investment in trading companies has a series of phases, all of which are essential and require a full time approach.

Good quality vetted deal flow at a professional level

The best transactions are usually only seen by funds who have their own captive capital and can deliver funds in a direct, reliable and professional manner. The discarded opportunities end up being seen by networks and private investors.

Altitude is selective and from numerous transaction opportunities only looks to invest in a handful thereby allowing private individuals to benefit from this tier one deal flow.

Professional negotiation, diligence and documentation to protect the investor from prior liabilities and to give protection during investment

It’s relatively easy to put money into a company but professional and effective investment is exceptionally time consuming.

Our approach is to use appropriate and additive due diligence alongside strong investment documents to ensure that the true position of the company is thoroughly assessed pre-transaction. All of our investments undergo this process.

Establishment of proper board structures and financial cash management

Even profitable businesses can fail through poor corporate governance and weak financial management. Altitude understand that both aspects are core value enhancements so working capital demands, overall financial diligence and corporate governance are central to their investing principles.

Continual focus on value enhancement and potential exit timings

Putting money into companies is easy, but growing value and getting it out again is complex. At Altitude we make sure our structures allow us timely exits and we keep the entire board focused on driving the business to grow shareholder value with a realistic timeline of typically 3-5 years. Most angel networks and ‘crowd’ funds provide no real post-investment value or monitoring.

Professional Fund Management

Altitude provides a complete service for investing individuals who understand direct investments but want the entire process handled by a professional team who have the same motivations to make a capital gain.

Potential Investors should contact Altitude directly for further information.

Altitude One LP

Altitude One LP was raised in 2010-11.

Its focus was on investing between £0.5m - £2m in profitable businesses based in the South looking for equity support for growth, shareholder restructuring and buyouts.

This fund represented the first full-time and regionally focused private equity presence on the South Coast since 3i’s Southampton Office closed in 2000.

Current investments and sold businesses can be found in our Portfolio section.