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  1. Blog March 2017

    The Altitude Interviews: James Tobias – Where Quality is Expected

    ‘Getting it right first time’ is a mantra often expressed by a multitude of businesses, yet so often those very same businesses fail to really understand the importance of following this through; and indeed what it takes to reach this benchmark. Listening to Phil Jones, MD at James Tobias, and a number of his colleagues it was evident that this approach was at the heart of their business. They all want to make this business even better.
  2. Portfolio News March 2017

    In-Chip award winner Moortec Semiconductor continues on exhibition path

    Moortec Semiconductor exhibited at the 2017 TSMC NA Technology Symposium on Wednesday 15th March. The event took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
  3. Portfolio News March 2017

    Nigel Toon appointed as advisor to Moortec Board

    Moortec has appointed Nigel Toon, currently CEO at, to the Board of Directors.
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