Management Views

Management Views

Our approach to management relationships is neither bureaucratic nor overbearing, but is both supportive and constructive

Our approach to management relationships

Altitude Partners has a strong regional heritage with individuals who have lived and worked in the South for over 20 years. Our approach to management relationships is neither bureaucratic nor overbearing, but is both supportive and constructive. We have a vested interest as Board members in working with teams to help their business grow.

Stephen Edwards, Chairman - Gradwell Communications

“I would have no hesitation at all in saying to anybody who was looking for an investor…you should speak to these guys because they are a pleasure to work with. They won’t try and run your business for you but will give you sensible advice.”

“With every investment decision both Jonathan and Simon personally have to feel comfortable both at an intellectual level and through simple ‘gut feel’. They are not institutional investors but have a direct personal interest in every investment they make.”

Phil Jones, MD, James Tobias Limited

When you have “skin in the game”, your own money, there’s a fear but what really put my mind at ease was when the bank asked for my house as security and Jonathan just said “no”. At that moment I thought “we’re on the same team”, this is a partnership that can create some real magic.

 “They bring an objectivity and focus on the longer term. They work well as a duo and are different characters but between them cover operations, finance, IT and marketing. This holistic view is very valuable and as a pair they have a real dynamism.

 “They have been very supportive in good and bad times, not the bad guys but two decent people who understand there are more pressures to running a business than just profit and loss. I can categorically say they’re never overbearing. If they ask for information it’s for a purpose.”

Stephen Piper, MD, The Care Division

“My perceptions were similar to those of many I suppose – a concern that an investor would be motivated purely by profit and ultimately selling the business, and that we would lose control. 

“They had some understanding of the industry and a sense of empathy that sold them to me. Their experience was clear and they were convincing in claims that they did not want to run our business but would help us to achieve growth. Fundamentally we liked each other - in the end it was probably down to personalities

“I genuinely cannot fault Altitude and have happily been a referee for them. Simon and Jonathan each offer something different, but both adopt a straight-forward approach which means that you always know what you’ll get and when. From reports I have gleaned from others, I would say that Altitude is significantly better than the majority of its competitors.”

Peter Gradwell, Director, Gradwell Communications

“They are open-minded. They are also generalists in industry terms. We looked at telecoms investors but they had hang-ups I didn’t think were relevant. We were a mature business needing development capital in order to work better. Simon and Jonathan have brought objectivity and sound business knowledge - a 10,000 feet alternative way of doing things, if you like, which is very useful.

“At crunch moments they have been constructive and proposed good solutions. This stems from an approach of being equal partners in the investment.”