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Portfolio News February 2017

Exhibitions and Awards marks the continued progression of Moortec


Based in Plymouth, Moortec has developed a core portfolio of IP for ‘in-chip’ sensors. The three prime areas of Moortec’s expertise revolve around Process Monitoring, Voltage Supply Monitoring and Temperature Sensing. Combined this is known as ‘PVT’ monitoring and Moortec’s IP technology has been in demand since it was first developed in 2010.

Its global customer base includes tier-1 consumer, enterprise and automotive technology companies. In addition, it has established IP relationships with a number of the main global silicon foundries.

In the past six months Moortec’s reputation was further enhanced when it received Partner of the Year Award for the New IP category from one of these leading foundries. The award was presented during a ceremony at a major IP Ecosystem event last September in San Jose, California.

The event’s key sponsor is one the world's largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundries which supports various applications covering a variety of computer, communications and consumer electronics market segments.

Moortec also exhibited at the event and showcased their high accuracy, highly featured embedded Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) sensors.

Following this the Moortec team exhibited at the inaugural REUSE 2016 event which took place in the heart of Silicon Valley during December 2016. The trade show brought together the semiconductor IP supply chain and its customers for a full day of everything to do with semiconductor IP.

Stephen Crosher, Moortec’s Managing Director, is particularly pleased with the progress the company is making: “The expansion of Moortec's IP portfolio into new products on ever more advanced nodes remains at the heart of our plan, and our relationship with foundry partners is key to growth.”

“2016 was a particularly pleasing year but our challenge during 2017 is to keep on making progress and work to support the developments taking place in the sector. This sector never stands still!”

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