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Portfolio News March 2017

In-Chip award winner Moortec Semiconductor continues on exhibition path


Moortec Semiconductor exhibited at the 2017 TSMC NA Technology Symposium on Wednesday 15th March. The event took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

The team spent the day chatting to delegates about Moortec’s range of embedded PVT Sensors. Moortec provide market-leading embedded monitoring IP subsystems for today’s technologies and specialise in high accuracy, highly featured embedded Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) sensors on 40nm, 28nm, FinFET and below. Moortec’s IP enables SoC designs to be performance optimised and monitored on a per die basis and offers support for AVS/DVFS.

This transatlantic trip will be followed up at the end of March with two live webinar sessions.

They will take place on Wednesday 29th March at 10:00am PST and Thursday 30th March at 4:00pm CST. This Webinar from Moortec looks at the challenges involved in reaching working Silicon on 28nm and FinFET due to the associated complex and variable in-chip conditions which make it harder to correlate the design simulation with actual silicon. This session will help the designers to understand how precision monitoring inside the chip can help optimise and increase reliability of their product.

For more information about Moortec activity follow this link:

Portfolio News | March 2017

Nigel Toon appointed as advisor to Moortec Board

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